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Topic: What's Going on in Russia? (Read 15393 times)

What's Going on in Russia?
We've covered all of the major players but have only picked and chosen on Russia, usually on the subject of President Putin. Obviously, there's much more to Russia than Putin.

Recently I came upon this.

Russia unveils new Marussia luxury sports car

I want one!

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Re: What's Going on in Russia?
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Russia apologists seemingly do little more than invent bizarrely irrelevant tu quoques and whataboutisms. Russia's annexing Crimea? What about our annexation of Indonesia? It was also in the '10s and '20s after all... you know, the 1610s and 1620s. And remember when we kicked the native Americans out of New Amsterdam? How dare we say anything about Chechnya and Georgia?!

They might at least try to come up with something we're actually doing right now (e.g., absurd immigration policies), even if "we do some bad things too" is hardly a defense.

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Re: What's Going on in Russia?
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Oh, you have those Russia apologists in Benelux too? So their network is wider than some self-hating Germans and unquestioning Trumpites. And an isolated Scotsman.

A particularly funny aspect of those Western Russia apologists is that their sources are obscure conspiracy websites or darknet forums. Why do they not check their information against Russia's official news - in Russian? Well, they would be too astonished to find a direct correlation, that's why.

Doesn't it occur to them that it is possible to condemn all colonialism, both historical and current, whether done by USA, UK, or Russia? This takes away their tu quoque defence.

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Re: What's Going on in Russia?
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Some Europeans thinks that the best way of being anti-American is by being pro-Russia.
I think that the best way for Europeans to be should be to be Patriots first and pro-Europe second. Enough things to be.
A matter of attitude.

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Re: What's Going on in Russia?
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Even for an educated American you border on rubbish Colonel starting with the daftness on Stalin who was an evil and despicable dictator. America leads the constant nipping at Russia yet you lot cannot even run your own country right when you see the level of poverty, legal nonsense and control freakery. Over 40 million on food stamps over 2 million in jail, people on death row for months and from time to time years. You spend half the world's military expense as well, interfere with places, try to spike countries that will not accept your control.  Oh and you have over a dozen security agencies! The Stalin thing you came up with made me shake my head and how nonsensical that was and even more so as dictatorship ceased before Putin! I am smiling now because you lot will get stuck with Trump yet again later in the year!
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