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Topic: Otter on winXP (Read 178 times)

  • vincePEARL1
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Otter on winXP
Hello forum and Emek,

Just messging to say thanks for a lovely web browser.

Otter is a really nice find for me on winXP (256 meg ram) pentium 4
mobile 1.7ghz cpu.(15 year old laptop)
........ because it seems to run really well indeed.

It seems to be rock solid-stable and handles very heavy web sites
in multiple tabs ....very very complex web sites.

i am impressed with Otter........ and wish i knew of Otter earlier.....

A tip for anybody using a dinasour old laptop like me is that you will
get a little extra performance if you put TOOLS inside RAM drives.
I run Otter from a ram just gives  a slight edge to speed.

many thanks indeed for Otter browser and i hope it lives a long time
and continues to support very old hardware and OS's....



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Re: Otter on winXP
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@vincePEARL1, as long as it works without too much extra effort we will keep supporting it. :-)
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