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Topic: [Weekly 173] Observations and issues (Read 545 times)

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[Weekly 173] Observations and issues
Using 0.9.91 weekly 173, legacy WebKit 538.1, on WinXP, portable configuration. I can confirm the following:

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Re: [Weekly 173] Observations and issues
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I found that the Fusion theme looked better than the system default (most/all others have too much white and flat look), but the icons on tab bar were too big.  Moving tab bar to side and then back to top fixed that.  The new tab and closed tabs ones are still maybe a tad large by comparison but the tab bar itself is back to normal.

I'm unable to get the lists that I selected in Blocked Elements to stay selected.  Enable Content Blocking does stay checked but the individual lists do not.  Some blocking is necessary for routine use.  EasyList and EasyPrivacy, etc. are a good start, but custom filters are important too.  EDIT: I was selecting the lists from the status bar button, which may be meant to be just for current tab.  I've now set them in the Content Blocking ddialog from the Tools menu and will see if that sticks (now on 175).

What I'd really like is extension support, and not having to get them from google.  Whatmight help until then are lists of user scripts we can add (is GreaseMonkey stuff supposed to work?).  Most of the user scripting stuff seems to have about died out (too geeky).
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Re: [Weekly 173] Observations and issues
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@mscz, yes, all such settings apply only to current tab (probably we should make it more obvious, but it's hard to do that properly).

Full GM support requires some more work:
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Re: [Weekly 173] Observations and issues
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This is my first post. We are evaluating 0.9.91-dev175 on iMX6 soloX (Linux). surprisingly HTML5 score is 484 (out of 555). Also conduct HTML5 performance test ( and works very well. Previously with demo qt webkit it stuck at 5th test. Now planning to conduct more performace tests and will post the result.