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Topic: Everything Trump… (Read 2707 times)

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Everything Trump…
Too lazy to create a new thread, after earlier (IIRC) pointing out this thread has expired?
:) Yup!
But of course people need a place to vent their spleen... So, consider this an open-ended receptacle.
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"Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility." - James Thurber
No one listens to me as much as I do and even I have my limits...
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts!" - Richard Feynman

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Re: Everything Trump…
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It just goes to show that you can't underestimate the stupidity and ignorance of the Trump voter. You suspect they are dumb and they prove to you to be much dumber.

First of all the ICC is not a UN organisation. Second, the creation of the ICC was by the instigation by the US, and it is an open secret that it serves US interests. Everyone charged by the ICC have been enemies of the US. Nobody cares because these bastards deserve to be in jail anyway. Third, the ICC is no threat to any half-way civilised country with rule of law. Any country that prosecutes war criminals or genocidal maniacs will have no quarrel with the ICC. It is a court of last resort. Fourth, maybe because they didn't think the US to be a half-way civilised country, the Republicans blocked any possibility of an American being charged from the beginning. A moral black eye, and easy propaganda for people who hate America, but again it didn't matter. Fifth, none of Bolton's bluster has any practical impact on the ICC whatsoever, but sixth it does make the US look stupid, and more than that imply it is a country willing to commit crimes against humanity and suspend the rule of law, and it puts up a template for despots and murderers to follow.

So you set up the game, invite people to play. You make the rules, and stack them so that you cannot lose under any circumstance. Then you kick over the game, say you are afraid to lose, and run home.

It doesn't matter in a practical sense, it is what it is, but the gross stupidity of it boggles the mind. The US now has a government intent on doing maximal damage to its own country for, in this case, no benefit whatsoever.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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Third, the ICC is no threat to any half-way civilised country with rule of law.
Is the USA an "half-way civilized country with rule of law"? It seems not anymore.

We are dangerously near catastrophe.
A matter of attitude.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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Is the USA an "half-way civilized country with rule of law"? It seems not anymore.
Somewhere in mid-80's I read about Reagan's Star Wars plan. It was quite literally called that, the plan to nuclearise the atmosphere as if it belonged to the USA. I got the same sense about the USA back then as many do about North Korea now. Except that North Korea is only able to accidentally nuke themselves, while USA really is warring all over the world indiscriminately and unaccountably. Sad world.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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The more things change, the more they stay the same.
International laws never applied to the US. They were merely considered useful instruments to push through US interests and if this didn't work those laws were simply ignored.

As for its allies, the USA always applied the "carrot and stick" policy. Only problem with that, sooner or later the USA may run out of carrots.
For US allies this means, either to get used to sticks without carrots or to reconsider the scope of the alliance.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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According to the book, Fear, Mattis and Tillerson tried to clue Trump in. They took Trump to the Pentagon tank where Mattison explained the 70 years of agreements and alliances after WW 2 that gave us domination. Tillerson added that's how the peace was kept. Pax Americana. Trump blew up, screaming its all bs. A fit similar to what Hitler was known for near the end of WW 2.

Naturally  the real reason is that we had the world in our hands with third world countries being our cheap manufacturing base or industrial countries supplying goods at reasonable prices, But mostly a low cost labor base, dedicated to the  comfort Americans via consumer goods. The real advantage was always tailored to advantage America, to keep our consumer goods living standard high. Similar to what England did mid 19th century.

We still see that with the advantages most Americans have in consumer goods, imported goods. Compare that to domestic products and services many of which are overpriced and not that good. The healthcare industry and Internet services come to mind. We are still good in agriculture, farming, even if they are highly subsidized such as with the Ethanol boondoggle.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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Trump can't be clued in. He defies Cluedom.