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Topic: Everything Trump… (Read 24452 times)

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Everything Trump…
Too lazy to create a new thread, after earlier (IIRC) pointing out this thread has expired?
:) Yup!
But of course people need a place to vent their spleen... So, consider this an open-ended receptacle.
进行 ...
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Re: Everything Trump…
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The only thing that solves your problem would be the United States of Europe...
It would be quite fine if EU were more of a trade association and a humanitarian organisation. Such entities do not need to be United States or federal governments with their own armies.

But instead the EU is a politico-administrative customs union. No matter how thin it claims to be, it has the core ingredients of a federal government with its own monetary policy and fiscal directives. It is a very big deal when member states cannot use budget deficits and tariffs to balance trade deficits and other local economic imbalances ad crises, while also own currency has been taken away from them. The EU is taking away too much on this point. At the same time, the missing characteristics in EU government, such as missing own army, judicial branch, a parliament with a power to ratify laws and treaties (for the govt to follow, not the other way round), and proper economic policies (other than statistical, such that would respond to current economic forces that need responding to), are also painfully felt. EU is both too thin and too fat at the same time, because it is the wrong type of organisation.

This problem cannot be solved except by annihilation and a whole new start. And it will not be a better start. European political elite is only able to agree on things that touch everyone least, resulting in pointless "principles" that do not solve any of the issues that pressed people to seek the union.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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... own currency has been taken away from them.
Sorry, but the above is false. Nobody has taken anybody's currency away!
It was given up voluntary for short-term interests. It was tempting and convenient to make debts with interest rates nearly zero and to win elections by doing so. In their greed for the new currency many countries even gave manipulated figures regarding their economic status.

Put it simply - for weak economies in competition with healthy ones, a strong common currency is deadly on the long run.
To affirm now that their currency was taken away is ludicrous to say the least.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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Trump's ghost writer speaks out a bit.
I never imagined that writing a book for a buffoonish real estate developer could eventually help get him elected president of the United States. The fact that it did is a source of shame and regret I will always carry.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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There is still 1 out of 6 who have confidence in Trump doing the right thing, according to this poll. Wonder where they have been the last four years.

Oh, right.

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Re: Everything Trump…
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I am glad I still live in a democracy and feel sorry for armies of unfortunates in the ex-colonies stuck with what they have. Conned as much as the 3rd Reich and USSR unfortunates! :lol:
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