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Topic: Otter browser (Great browser) Great features (Read 326 times)

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Otter browser (Great browser) Great features
Hello Forum. Emek,

Well, thanks again for the amazing Otter Web browser. Great great performance
on laptops and very old equipment and FREE.

Thankyou for your design sense.

Otter has some sensible features.  

1) Otter allows proper usage of FULL screen.  (true)
The mechanism of your full screen is Very good, it makes perfect sense.
Also OTTER user interface is .......clear to the eye.  Good design.

I see that Otter is ranked among some of the worlds very very very best
browsers. AMazing achievement indeed. 

Otter is also MULTI THREAD (core) which is a great great RARE software feature.

Emek,  Otter is amazing achievement in Global USAGE software.
Probably close to getting a nobel prize for it.

My sincere thanks to Otter community and the Gift of the great OTTER web browser