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Topic: preserving window dimensions  (Read 176 times)

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preserving window dimensions
unless restore previous session is selected at startup options, otter will either always start maximized or in a default small window centered on the screen.
Will never save window position or dimensions.
I wonder if there's a workaround or something until this feature is addressed.

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Re: preserving window dimensions
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@dim, window geometry belongs to session and I don't see a perfect solution, the sanest seems to restore last session after all, just do not remember anything else other than geometry when it is saved.
Separate option to keep geometry is a bad idea (and I don't see such option in Opera, at least not in about:config), we used to have something like that in beginning, it has own set of issues.

For now you can try this command line option available in every Qt application, but I'm not sure if it will work in our case:
-geometry <width>x<height>+<Xoffset>+<Yoffset>
For example:
-geometry 300x200+50+50
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Re: preserving window dimensions
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I must be brain dead. Saving a session with only size/position didn't cross my mind.