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Topic: Scottish Nationalist stupid man (Read 414 times)

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Scottish Nationalist stupid man
Recently re the Scottish Parliament there was a review on island matters and an SNP member of the parliament in Edinburgh came out querying whether Skye could still be regarded as an island as these days it had a bridge to the nearby mainland (!)? Now that balloon John Mason MSP has said stupid stuff before but this is head shaking. If we followed that stupidity then is mainland britain still an island as it has a rail tunnel across the English Channel// (groan)  :faint:
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Re: Scottish Nationalist stupid man
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It is nice, and rjhowie more intelligible, Maybe I'd keep calling Google "ghhhhhhhhhgle" the other days as well.

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Re: Scottish Nationalist stupid man
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I'm not even sure how Google (ghhhhhhhhhgle) is supposed to be pronounced. :lol: