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Topic: Copy action keyboard shortcuts (Read 149 times)

  • Borut
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Copy action keyboard shortcuts
I am going to reformulate my findings about Copy action keyboard shortcuts, which I mentioned previously elsewhere (, since they still seem to be valid:

Only the last shortcut in the list (for the Copy action) seems to work. Windows users, being mostly used to Ctrl+Ins, apparently have to remove all Copy action keyboard shortcuts but this one, in order to make it work.

Also, when saving the keyboard shortcut definitions, it seems that only the last shortcut for the Copy action will be saved.

This applies also to RC1. Tested under Win 7, 64bit. Interestingly enough, it seems that only the keyboard shortcuts for the Copy action are involved. Other actions do not seem to suffer.

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Re: Copy action keyboard shortcuts
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@Borut, I've done some testing at it seems that all shortcuts (from default profile) are properly registered, but I still don't know what prevents them from firing when executed.
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