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Topic: Otter Browser - Good to know you... (Read 626 times)

Otter Browser - Good to know you...
Hi there,

Otter Browser & Team,

It's a wonderful designed and crafted browser.... A big thanks for that... I wish to share the experience and few expectation,

The feel first,

Simply, wow... with just as small as 20-30 MB of RAM footprint, instant launch - even with such great features built in it    - It's memory efficiency is beyond word's...

The Expectation

One of the wonderful thing I am looking for a very long time and in "otter browser" I believe I saw the beginning of it - THE PROGRESS BAR

THE PROGRESS BAR Contains the Info such as

1.   Document   : <Content Loading Percentage>
2.   Total      : It seems to the total Network Data Utilized
3.   Elements   : Total Different packages
4.   Speed      : Current Network transfer speed
5.   Time      : Time taken to load

I Request / Expect / Looking for a very long time,

To log all the above 5 details:-
1.   TAB wise/URL wise,
2.   Site wise/Domain Wise

The main target is to monitor the data consumption of every page we visit,
but till now, I haven't come across such tool, there are tools only to monitor data usage of every application like GlassWire, NetLimiter, Etc., I think the details available in the PROGRESS BAR will be more enough to get this done. Please make this as an additional option, so as it does not put additional load on other users who don't wish to have this logger taking up the resource... and an option to backup those log would be great to have...
And also provide an option to make the PROGRESS BAR more as a permanently visible one.

And few things I came across while admiring the user interface,
1.   The "stay on top" doesn't seems to work
2.   The spell-checker is not functioning
Off course you may have noticed this already, as current masterpiece otter browser is a pre-releases and a lot more to come by,

I wish you guys a great success,

Thank you

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Re: Otter Browser - Good to know you...
Reply #1
I noticed that the spell checker isn't working too, but there again, I haven't installed any dictionaries!
I gather you're supposed to put hunspell dictionaries into a "dictionaries" subfolder in the profile folder.
Is that right?
I've searched but I can't find any dictionary files that actually seem to be recognised, the "Dictionaries" option on the right click menu in text input boxes doesn't show anything.
Where can I find a compatible UK English dictionary file?