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Topic: Not responding while page buildup (Read 100 times)

  • Borut
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Not responding while page buildup
Since a few weeks I experience a kind of "not responding time" while a certain page is being built. During this time (10 secs?) Otter is completely unresponsive (no amount of clicking anywhere does anything). After this the page shows up (being an empty tab before) and Otter behaves normally again. This whole thing did not happen before and in my particular case this could for me be a show stopper.

Actually I do not think that it has something to do with Otter, but on the other hand, maybe it is connected with the change of Qt. (Or it is some change in the page itself, although no other browser shows this behavior. I am really not sure.)

I am under Win7 (happens on both 32 and 64 bit Windows) and I currently use the latest 32 bit RC in a portable mode. Could you people please be so kind to test if you experience this under the same and also different OSes? The link is:

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Not responding while page buildup
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Hi, I can confirm the "not-responsiveness" of Otter on the mentioned map page - if the link is opened, the browser doesn't respond (e.g. for tab switching, opening menus etc.) for a few seconds until that page is loaded. I believe, I've noticed this on other heavier pages before; I'd think, this could be expected for a single process approach, but, obviously, it would be nice, if this could be fixed or worked around.
(using Otter RC 5, 64bit (7z archive, Webkit, portable mode, on Win7).

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Re: Not responding while page buildup
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Hi all, confirmed here too on win10 otter-browser-win32-0.9.95-rc5.
Same issue running on test-qtwebkit.exe.