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Topic: The Holiday Greetings Thread (Read 21600 times)

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The Holiday Greetings Thread
In this thread, post the greetings as per your personal mood, local time zone, and official calendar, to reflect the festive spirit :D

Today: Χριστός ἀνέστη

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Re: The Holiday Greetings Thread
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This Sunday it will Belgian National Day. It commemorates King Leopold I swearing allegiance to the constitution. Once upon a time they used to celebrate the withdrawal of Dutch forces from Brussels on 27 September 1830. It's not clear to me why it was changed; this page only says that it was changed in 1890.

I was leafing through the Metro on the train today, and it was full of silly stuff. Sauces & condiments proclaiming they were best to go with the "Belbicue," and the Metro itself had an article about 10 great inventions from Belgium. French fries, roller skates, saxophones, bakelite, gasoline engines, the Big Bang, and some other stuff that slipped my mind. They claimed 60% of Belgians dislikes it when you say French fries instead of Belgian fries, probably tongue in cheek but I wasn't 100 % sure. ;)

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Re: The Holiday Greetings Thread
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The year of the metal rat, that began 25 January last year, is on its last three hours.

This to be followed by two weeks of spring festival.