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Topic: few problems download (Read 1922 times)

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few problems download
hi, i come for a little report of a weird behaviour of otter...
i was tring to download many drivers of my lap-top on the toshiba web site... and...
all been really good, 30/35 files easily download, but somes have stopped, ou been stopped

then i've tried to restart to download... and here become difficulties... the download green bar, been divide by 2... and the donwload comes more and more difficult with an increasing of the size of the file, not divide by 2, but as if it was accumulating datas at each new restart...

could i say, that i am extremely happy to have found otter browser, i was a fan of opera 12.18 (i still used it for javascript debugging and for some little html devellopement)... and otters are just one my favorite animal, there so funny water players... i live next a large swamp where otter still live... (there some of them in a zoo, they seem to be happy, really happy)

thanks a lot for the works... pff amazing

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Re: few problems download
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@Quetzal, could you please provide one of these links for testing purposes?
Issues with resuming downloads in some cases are known, having some good test cases could help to finally solve them.
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Re: few problems download
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after have found "your" laptop, they provide the list of drivers for it
i did it for my newlaptop, looking for new drivers for the touchpad...

but as i was there  do have tried with Otter do download them all... but some have broke during the download...
and to restart it finally looks just ugly...

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Re: few problems download
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hm, another little thing about downloads.. it seems that it's not possible to enter a "link to donwload" into Otter and to see it be downloaded.

i tried one time, may i'm wrong... but if it's not, it surely be a nice possibility...

thanks a lot

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Re: few problems download
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little up about donwload manager...

then, it's really better to not put as default download place the desktop as i do...
because when i get off (remove, or move) the downloaded file, the download manager got fever and  bonesShakes

one it put all removed download in red, and do not reconize the as "successfull download" as the other where the file is just successfull, wich are in green...

then to try to suppress by à right click "remove all download" is sucessful with green but not with red files

at last, to have some "red files" give headackes to the manager, with can crash the browser and send a crash message to home(E.T tel home) when there's a try to donwload another files from anywhere

it's because of these crashes that i up this message... it should not happened.. ;)