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Topic: leading (interline) difficultie (Read 576 times)

  • Quetzal
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leading (interline) difficultie
hi all, i do continue my little configuration of Otter...

it's me or the leading(interline) defaut is particuliar in Otter ? not a few spaced than in other browser ? it make letters to be smaller in proportion whatever the font-size option is still put at 16px...

i tried 17 and 18px but it kills webpage presentation/style

i've tried to find the option for it ine "Preferences" and in about:config... but nothing that kind...

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if somebody important do read this message...
this feature(option) may be really nice to got...

thanks a lot

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Re: leading (interline) difficultie
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I can't say I've noticed. Is there any demo website where this effect is particularly pronounced?

  • Quetzal
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Re: leading (interline) difficultie
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it's seeable especeally on wikipedia i do think... i go there oftenly, then, this microchange in the font, is, for me, really seeable... for other website i'm not sure of it...