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  • Quetzal
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hi all,

361points here on 555... i was thinking for more in fact, because, i live otter better than manies for users...

but no [pointer event] input available ... i've a few use with it, and opera12 was problematic with impossibility to clic threw a transparent div in position absolute...

that, promised, for (little)devellopers(as me), is really really not fun, whatever  know how to deal with (opera obliges)

is that feature is a future or just a nowayforever

thanks a lot

  • mad_king
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IMO your score is totally dependent on which backend you are using.
e.g. For Webkit backend you might end up with low score but for Webengine we'll get massive score (i got 484/555) both on desktop as well as on Embedded kernel.