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Topic: Addressing users...  (Read 10055 times)

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Addressing users...

O'k, some of us people have names, others - I don't know... :left:

What is the name?
Is it something somebody else gave us? somebody else call us with? Or is it something that fits our true personality (or maybe we're just pleased to think so)?

Why's the thread? To consult you, guys -- how the heck should we address each other in our replies?
I mean what? We here are a group of intergalactic survivors who escaped from a dying planet.
On that planet we had our profiles, many of us showed their names... And you know what? Myself personally am used to feeling that addressing people by their names (not "asf3er-1275"s) is polite and a good form and better that addressing them by the local service's ID abracadabras.
But you know what? Some of us (I suppose they are Americans, obsessed and deluded by their idea of "privacy") seem to not want me (or/and maybe others as well) to remember their names - which were public on their "About" pages on MyOpera. (Myself personally, considering this site our old community's continuation, am not quite getting used to some alleged idea of certain actual alienation from each other here yet.)
Myself personally am not feeling very comfortable with the idea to call some people using their "codenames", moreover not capitalising the initial letter. It'll feel like they would be animals of inanimated objects!??? So...
What's my idea? Let us agree that such people could be asked to choose a yet another name to call them in replies, huh?
I mean an alias.:) (For example, there's somebody here whom I've chosen to call according to the animal portrayed in his avatar:D) My name is the name, although I can't bet you could find me by that in official documents or something. I chose the name to appear more personalised - especially on the Web (though in the international, English-speaking part of the Internet there are more Joshes than, say, sergeys; but I'm also using the name offline, so it's my real name), but if you're experiencing difficulties calling me "Josh", you'll be allowed to call me a cactus (or "Cactus"), for I already have such an avatar on Facebook and feel comfortable with it.:)

So - if you don't mind --- what'll be your alias?:)

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Re: Addressing users...
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Make him prove he's not a bot. Just for laughs and giggles.

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Re: Addressing users...
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