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Topic: [solved] page.scrollToBottom(true) weird effect (Read 438 times)

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[solved] page.scrollToBottom(true) weird effect
i continue my little tour of Otter..

i was having some problem of "page printing"... the reason the inner adblock

i've download adguard for window (free), it's for apple-world

and close the adblock of otter, and everything's back as it should

Otter is really pleasant, its faculty to surf in fullscreen easily just cool...

i try many and many other browser... Otter is the more "human" some defect but so praticle and speed...

for the moment, it stay my fav... but i found one, uneasy to not keep it under the hand

see ya

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Re: [solved] page.scrollToBottom(true) weird effect
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well, well, well...

i talked upper about [AdGuard] wich is an excellent adblocker... but, they promise me that they'll free for windows user and not for apple users

in fact, my try-period end in ten days... "WHAT" nooooooo

then after a long quest for a holygrail adBlocker, i finished to find one [Edge-Adblock]

just a batch with an hosts files that'll replae the etc/hosts

it may need to create a file hosts_back (to backup the original hosts)
and to run it as administrator from the place where you will forget it forever after...

clic on the batch, read, type 1 to launch, 2 to desactive...

if an exe already use the hosts file it will not replace the file, you must find the process which use this file...

not complex, and free, under licence GPL.

i tried to use under win10 the adblocker of OtterBro but whatever there's no adkiller_file loaded, it open the website by the bottom of the page... scrollBottom(true) (really ennoying little bug)

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Re: [solved] page.scrollToBottom(true) weird effect
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well, nothing's perfect... somes site will not tolerate [Edge AdGuard] do play anything whatever you disable it  :cry: .. i've try on win7, win10... and continue to work under adblocker (adguard too) on win7
then ... nobody's perfect...  :rolleyes: