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Topic: [solved] weird display (marginal stuffs) (Read 474 times)

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[solved] weird display (marginal stuffs)
well, i was so happy, to got a new update of Opera12 to Otter(goodchoice)1

but, i was having little problems with my own coding in my beautifful localhost (smart and wide, with the view of sea)

some INPUT were not hidden by upper div in some layer stuffs... pull-down menu(oppenable with js(change the div height))

and yesterday, i go look in preferences /advandced to see if there were no "skin" available, just to have a look

and i finally ecide myself for "fusion" thème, lookalike the "look system"

and 10mn ago i reoppen my locahost and try the problematic App... and nothing anymore... (how happy i was, otter could become my htmltestwebbrowser)

but why? what i did to obtain this result... then just to change the "basic skin" to another one

thanks a lot, i got a new testwebbrowser  :love:
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