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Topic: adblocker my good old friend (Read 1179 times)

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adblocker my good old friend
well, after, been lock at home during 12hour  :king:  beside privoxy cause of difficulties to remove it properly and get back "defaut" data of the microsoft proxy... (just 80) in internet option... use no proxy

because i have certainly some ddificulties to configurate it... if i go in about:config and type yes to activate it, whatever i check no extra-list.. under win10, and win7... same story the pages are load by the bottom, scrollTop(false), or scrollBottom(Down), i do not remermber...

there's a way to configurate it correctly to not have this unfriendly behaviour ??

thanks a lot

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Re: adblocker my good old friend
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@Quetzal, uhm, I'm not sure what do you mean, you have issues with proxies or ad blocking?
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