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Topic: User agent fonction (Read 577 times)

  • Quetzal
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User agent fonction
what the f*** this notion user agent can be usefull for ???

simply go on Google image, do a research of stuff...
try Opera12,18, reload
and after safarixxx, reload

you'll be not welcome the same way

  • Frenzie
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  • Administrator
Re: User agent fonction
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Sorry, I don't quite understand your message. What are you trying to achieve?

  • Quetzal
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Re: User agent fonction
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hi, Frenzie

just to point the case, Otterbrowser with user agent Opera12,18 on google image and with Safari 11.0

the page style is just not exactly the same

  • beastie
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Re: User agent fonction
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That's the whole idea behind user agents.

Web pages change their behavior (including how they look) depending on the browser (real or masqueraded) being used to display them.

The user agent feature basically allows the browser to masquerade as another browser.

So what's the problem here?