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Topic: White Helmets nonsense (Read 1013 times)

  • rjhowie
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White Helmets nonsense
What a farce has went on regarding that lot who were dished out big sums. The rubbish about tem being there to help everyone no matter what is utter hogwash and routine guff. That lot also DID have links with terror groups as well. They were especially based in particular areas.  I would give them three out of three for great propaganda and yet for all the daft West praise when the leader of the White Helmets arrived a Dulles Airport in Washington DC the USA refused to allow him entry!

And Israel involved in supporting them? Head shaking stuff!
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  • ersi
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Re: White Helmets nonsense
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[...] nonsense [...] farce [...] rubbish [...] utter hogwash and routine guff [...] Head shaking stuff!