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Topic: Bookmarks :-) - and search (Read 863 times)

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Bookmarks :-) - and search
Well, this year, as otter approaches it's 1.0 release I revamped my interest in it - also because o11 is degrading more and more due to more and more sites using ssl and with that using certificates that o11 does not understand anymore.

I tried using 12.18 but the captured search.ini "feature" annoyed me too much. So, for now 12.14 is my weapon of choice. But I really hope that soon I'll be able to switch to otter as my main browser.

Unfortunately that day isn't here yet. I like the current state (rc12, even tried the experimental version), but it's a little slow (start, responsiveness). I could live with that (at least for the time being), I guess. But one thing really still bugs me: Bookmarks.

There are several things I'd like to see fixed. [Not in order of importance.]

1. Sorting.
It has been addressed by others before. Intermingling folders and bookmarks when sorting by name makes little sense and is annoying - or let's say not pretty.

2. Searching.
Soooo slooooow! If you want to search for a bookmark you can only enter one letter at a time and then have to wait for an eternity for the cursor to blink again, indicating that you may enter the next letter.
Is that qt's fault? (Also regarding otter's overall slightly slow responsiveness?)
Or is this only a windows thing?

3. Address bar suggestions.
Even though address bar suggestion for bookmarks is enabled there is none - in fact there are no suggestions at all. And even though bookmark keywords work, not even those bookmarks are displayed (beforehand - as in: before hitting enter) when the keyword typed into the address bar.

Are those things that will be addressed in the future or is that something a user has to make his/her peace with when considering switching to otter full time?

Oh, how much I would love to finally hit the "make otter my default browser" button. Years of looking and waiting for a worthy replacement for opera (legacy) would finally be over.

Anyway: Thanks for the great work! It's really come a long way and it seems to have been worth the effort.


Uhm, and I forgot about search.
Importing search.ini never worked for me so far. Just tried again with new profile. Nada...

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Re: Bookmarks :-)
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Ad 2. What is the time of the delay and how many bookmarks do you have? I have 900 bookmarks and it seems to me, that I have maximally 200 ms lag during typing.
Ad 3. It works at me, could you try on new profile?

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Re: Bookmarks :-) - and search
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Well, I imported some 8k bookmarks from opera... :-)
Thanks for the hint about new profile. I just tried it. No change. It's like 5-10s of waiting per typed character.

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Re: Bookmarks :-) - and search
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But do suggestions work on new profile? :)

Edit: importing search.ini will work in next version :)
Edit 2: what is speed of showing search results, when you will type only 1 letter?
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