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Topic: reCAPTCHA Problem (Read 2371 times)

  • t-gent
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reCAPTCHA Problem
Just tried the latest Otter RC.  Loading pages fast with no glitches.

Here is the original (and simple) CAPTCHA.  Never had a rendering problem with this version.

Here is the newer two part reCAPTCHA that starts with I'm not a robot tick box followed by an array
of selectable thumbnail images.

Using any search engine, there are thousands of old and new listings about I'm not a robot reCAPTCHA
not rendering in Firefox, Chrome, or almost any browser.  Unfortunately, that's my problem too.  Typical
suggested fixes are disabling ad or popup blockers, firewalls, virus scanners, etc. 

I've tried several dozen possible solutions, with no results.  Posting on huge forums about the top five
"big guy" browsers is not working for me.

Since Otter is a developing browser with frequent RC updates, I'm hoping someone at this forum can
suggest a script, edit, extension, or something else that might resolve my reCAPTCHA rendering problem.  

Thanks guys.

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Re: reCAPTCHA Problem
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Re: reCAPTCHA Problem
Reply #2 is blocked due to trojan by Malwarebytes.

Can you let us have the address of the page where you had problems with reCAPTCHA?