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Topic: Styling Otters web page as in (Read 1837 times)

Styling Otters web page as in
Since I really love your idea and what you are creating I wanted to support you somehow.
At the moment I'm still a pretty bad programmer, but my web design capabilities are pretty good, so I wanted to ask if you would be intrested in letting me spice up your web page a bit ?

Don't worry I would keep it very basic, similar to what you have, cause I too like basic web pages (both from a visual and code standpoint).

Unless you want otherwise my plan would have been to only do it via a style sheet that way, all you would need to do is plol in the new style sheet and done, and you can leave all the HTML the way it is.

Would you be intrested ?

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Re: Styling Otters web page as in
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@PlasmaApple, sure. :-)
Sorry for delay, I'm extremely busy recently (beta1 it's not the only deadline set to end of May ;-))...

I was planning to use some light colors, something bluish-grayish, maybe a bit like #B0C0D4 (randomly picked from my desktop).
With some slightly rounded corners and few slight shadows.
Currently it's just a single HTML file and I'll keep it as static as possible, to save server. ;-)
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