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Topic: start-page icon order ? (Read 667 times)

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start-page icon order ?
hi, all

well, i've try many way to do it,
- by moving the thumbail an other place... it work, until i re-open otterbro
- by have a look in the file "thumbail" and tring changing order... noway, just the thumbail mov not the link
- by givin a number order in the bookmark's startpage list... not better, it change the title under the thumbail, but nothing else

i put it here for memory...

but a little memory list as for the password may(would be) welcome

see ya ;o)

  • Quetzal
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Re: start-page icon order ?
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not really complexe, in fact...

1) do a numbered list in your bookmark start page...
 - edit every one and lit it as 01, 02, 03, 04
- close an reopened otter, the list is automticaly ordoned

but the icon in the speed dial are not ordonned

2) create à new one... select and valid.. it update the speed dial as it done in bookmarks

and to add a pic to the speeddial item...
find the png you like, resize it at 220x130px paste it in the otter's folder "thumbail" and rename  your pic with the number of the speed dial item... suppress the old one.

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Re: start-page icon order ?
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I only want to say that at me, after moving the thumbnails to other place, the order is kept after Otter Browser restart.