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Topic: Otter browser roadmap (Read 623 times)

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Otter browser roadmap
As a former opera heavy user and a disappointed user of every other browser it would be a pleasure to see Otter browser rise to be a stellar browser that can be used as a daily driver.
There is Vivaldi which has many good things, but I won't put my money on it, plus the fact that it is not fully open.

In order to fulfill the full potential of this project and attract hotshot developers I believe that the most important thing is to create a clear roadmap of where Otter is headed to.

The roadmap / Features should be openly discussed on how to design and implement and by that maximizing good decisions at an early stage by utilizing the collective mind of the community.

For example I saw plans to implement a torrent client, but I'm not sure if it is necessary today the same way as back when opera 12 was used. Today we got an amazing fully open source torrent client named qbittorrent, so I think embedding a torrent client to the browser is less needed in this day and age.

If eventually a decision is made to embed a torrent client and since in C++ "we don't pay for what we don't use", the torrent client can be an optional extension, moreover more components can be extensible leaving the core browser mean and lean( I'm aware to the downsides , it's just an example of what should be discussed)

A roadmap, meaningful discussion on features, better development methodology, transparency and tolerance of the community would have made me instantly get the source code and start contributing as I'm aligned with the philosophy of Otter: "Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera"

Whether you agree or not, I hope Otter will be one day the best browser, better than Vivaldi, FireFox and opera 12 altogether, and I wish all the entities involved good luck.