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Topic: html input difficulties (Read 590 times)

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html input difficulties
hi, all,
this time it's a little difficulties with the <input type="text"> in one of my coded webpage, not usualy for website...
the problem is that the text is strangely as shifted on the left border of the input field ...  [yesterday  ], appears [esterday   ]
i tried many CSS solution as padding-left:4px but, if it works in chrome/iridium it works 3secondes in Otter and with any modification(clicks) in return to it's original [ifficulty   ] <= not fun here

a solution, an idea to Solved it.. ??

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Re: html input difficulties
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approximatively solved

the problem was coming from that this input is into a
etc.. </tr></table>
there were noborder for this... and the "width" of this input was too large for its container (div)
puting border='1' and style=(border-collapse:collapse; background:black; border:solid 1px black; width:smaller++)
it finally works, and with padding-left:8px and font-weight:bold... just nice

but may it better to know it, because it do not appaers with chromium's-like...