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Topic: Putin the Magnificent: Series 2 - Putin's Russia (Read 67805 times)

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Putin the Magnificent: Series 2 - Putin's Russia
In Series 1, Putin survived the Russian Constitution rule limiting Presidents to two terms by an adroit  disappearance stage left and reappearance from stage right. He is now in the first part of a second two-term Presidency before, presumably, temporarily disappearing stage left again.

We join him at an interesting point in his glorious career as he contemplates acquisitive adventures befitting Soviet Nostalgia, seeking to win friends and influence people. . . . Well 1 out of 2 is not too bad.

What can we look forward to this time?

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Re: Putin the Magnificent: Series 2 - Putin's Russia
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Poland was over time lost to Russia after the collapse of Tsarism. The USSR was an evil, despicable and hell hole of a place. It done in far more pea film on the speech to a crowd n a field made it very clear there would only be a one-party State! In the Jewish corner they were highly involved in Communism and a fact of history not said much about. The Reds o that dreadful revolution murdered millions people still starved were dispatched to far off parts of the country. Folk had their homes confiscated bank money removed and although thankfully in a sense that evil Lenin did not live long the ignorant not uch of a public speaker Stalin was violently worse. Massive numbers of folk were dispatched to terrible frozen camps in far off Siberia. Numbers vastly outdone similar people sent there pre1917. Many were not in camps before then but courts would order them a period of time they had to just live there. Could decide where they lived and worked then at the end of that term could move back west to that popular end of Russia.

Today the Russian Federation does not automatically have to be like the West just because we want that. They have a range of parties in their Duma and the marking of the 100th year since the terrible assassination of the Royals the parliament all stood up to mark the terrible thing and sadness and even included Communist Party members! I can still recall prior to the collapse of the Reds in the early 1990's how poor the place looked., Shops especially bakers with queues looking not impressive and few cars on the roads. Today mighty traffic jams shops of variety, colour and attraction a modernisation and definitive progress and because not like ours that makes them a fail?!
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