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Topic: ERROR 99  (Read 1108 times)

  • Quetzal
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hi all,
then today, my question is... what the f... is that f.... stupid Error 99
more and more, it seems to come from my provider... but... it was not happening with older OtterBro version

if it comes from Otter, is there something i could do ?

  • Frenzie
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Re: ERROR 99
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A quick search result suggests it could be SSL-related

Which is odd because your link says HTTP, not HTTPS. Or is it being redirected to HTTPS?

  • vbr
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Re: ERROR 99
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some time ago I also experienced these errors - cf. a (now closed) bug report
it appeared on wifi networks under some varying circumstances - mostly with https protocol, most often after waking the notebook (with an open browser instance) from hibernation. If I understand correctly, there could be some invalid state of the browser internals triggered, which was reported as security errors with some specific webpage. But it is of course possible, that You are encountering the real problems being reported.

In my case, a workaround, that helped most of the time was clonig the respective tab - right mouse button - context menu: Clone Tab

but it is possible, that there is some another cause in your case,

  • Quetzal
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Re: ERROR 99
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finally, i think taht i've got some difficulties with my web provider, or the server of some website...

i did a little batch, with ipconfig/flushdns to reboot my connexion... not that bad ;)