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Topic: little bug ? (Read 1334 times)

  • Quetzal
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little bug ?
hello all
a little difficulty with the #300... some .html files
the accentuation in the files adress are coded as é => é and é then it can't read/open the file

it was working correctly before

thanks a lot

  • szyk
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Re: little bug ?
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Some specifg example (URL, html file)?

  • Quetzal
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Re: little bug ?
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reaading again what i wrote, i've explained it badly

it's about files recorded in windows explorator...

if the title of an HTML files got a word with an accentuation [éàöå etc...]
... and if your default browser is OtterBro, the file will not be opened by the browser because of the "coding" of the file adress

and it happened only since the version #300 of Otterbrowser (not before)

i hope the description is better