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Topic: and about the [view-source] fonction ?? (Read 1365 times)

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and about the [view-source] fonction ??
hi all,
about the "view-source" page
some view-source page, are (because of some website) just humanly readable...

do there is a way, via a JS extension to catch this page, and modify (and reorganise it had colors etc... ) and replace it

thanks a lot

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Re: and about the [view-source] fonction ??
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You mean like what you get with right click, inspect element?

  • ersi
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Re: and about the [view-source] fonction ??
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If you mean right-click>View source, then this opens up a a coloured source viewer. I do not know if the colour theme there can be tweaked.

By "just humanly readable" do you mean that the source of some pages is uncoloured? It would be nice to see an example of this. Perhaps non-HTML raw plain text pages are like that.

For me the colour theme in Otter's inbuilt source viewer is good enough and it's nice that Ctrl+scroll changes the font size, but of course it would be even nicer if the colours could be tinkered somewhere.

A good option in Otter would be the ability to open the source in external programs, something that Opera had, e.g.

  • Quetzal
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Re: and about the [view-source] fonction ??
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hi, hersi and frenzie...

the view-source, is the way to display the code-source of the page... but the form (organisation/appareance of the code) depends of the way the autor of the code have did it.
then, many of them do compress their code, wich is just readable by the browser, not reaaly by me...

well, a simple copy-past to my python allow me to see it a minima correctly /[<]([^\/])/ ="\n<$1"

but, i would like to catch the page via an js extension (or any other way) to apply some 'little personnal modification"  :wizard: