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Topic: Dramatisations & Documentaries (Read 11899 times)

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Dramatisations & Documentaries
Quote from: jax
I enjoy documentaries both for what they show as they go along and for the genre itself.

You have the British style, presented by a learned fellow in jeans walking along a beach, a meadow, a street, the dark side of the moon, whilst elucidating how the world turned out to be what it is.

Or the American style with the disembodied steroid-enhanced gravel voice (unless we're talking about Michael Moore) going through discoveries by the number until we get to the one that left the whole community of scholars, scientists, or worker termites completely flabbergasted, a discovery impeccably timed to happen right after the next advertisement break.

The journalistic variety emphasise how clandestine the program or film you're watching is. The more shaky the handheld or hidden camera is, the better the journalistic credentials.

Are there any documentaries (or dramatisations) you have found interesting, and why?
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Re: Dramatisations & Documentaries
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Pandora's box - "The Worm is loose!"

Alex Gibney's ZERO DAYS is a documentary thriller about warfare in a world without rules-- the world of cyberwar.

Zero Days

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Re: Dramatisations & Documentaries
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I made several movies with 8mm and super 8.
Unlike video I had to think everything very well before recording.
Then, send the movie to Kodak in Holland and wait three weeks for receiving it.

Those were the times for "Dramatisations & Documentaries".
A matter of attitude.

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Re: Dramatisations & Documentaries
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Jesus didn't even bother to write an essay... The message matters.
进行 ...
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Re: Dramatisations & Documentaries
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"Quit you like men:be strong"

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Re: Dramatisations & Documentaries
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Were I a slightly different kind of person, I would've squealed for joy over the Bayerischer Rundfunk website. While I'm used to workarounds to get the content I like in a sane format,[1] their website comes with built-in download links for your convenience. The sheer quantity of choices is somewhat excessive, but why not I suppose.

XXL    3,8 Mbit/s    für > DSL 6000    69 MB
XL    2 Mbit/s    für > DSL 2000    33 MB
L    1,2 Mbit/s    für > DSL 1500    21 MB
M    600 Kbit/s    für > DSL 1000    10 MB
S    370 Kbit/s    für UMTS    5 MB
XS    180 Kbit/s    für EDGE    3 MB

On a separate note, Arte destroyed their website. It's borderline impossible to find nice things.
Mostly through youtube-dl.

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Re: Dramatisations & Documentaries
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