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Topic: Remove newToolBar (Read 1441 times)

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Remove newToolBar
well, i tried new stuff...

view/toolbar/add sidebar/
 ... it works

but how to remove it ?? i try to see the file into appdata but nothing into about this "new toolbar" ???

thanks a lot

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Re: Remove newToolBar
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I'm not sure I understand you well. You mean you've added one of the standard panels to the default sidebar, such as Addons, Advanced Configuration, etc. In that case, at the end of the sidebar there's a "+" that let's you uncheck anything you've added.
The changes are stored in your toolBars.json file:
Code: [Select]
		"identifier": "SideBar",
"panels": [

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Re: Remove newToolBar
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yeap, you're right... i went into this files, just after had this new bar... but without to have close/reopned otter... and nothing was recorded into

now this bar is recorded, and is esay to find... (then i've post a few quicker, in little moment of panics (whaaat nothing to get it off... rhaaa)

thanks a lot