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Topic: Scottish Nationalist marching leader jailed (Read 377 times)

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Scottish Nationalist marching leader jailed
All Under One Banner is an organisation that gets people from all over to come and march with them in support of Scottish independence. It's leader has been jailed bu a court here in Glasgow. Back in 2019 they organised a mas march from Kelvingrove Park through the city centre to finish at Glasgow Green (Park). I was in the city centre the dayof it with a group of Unionists with flags to protest with flags. What surprised us was where was the dashed thing as it did not reach the city centre in adequate time. Turned out he was seen by the police and indeed was nearly two hours later in leaving! He had also refused to accept some street rules as well and why the police did not stop the clown being an awkward man is beyond me. Anyway Mandeep Sing was in court this week and refused to accept an order from the judge that he should be at home for over 70 days between think it was 6.30am to 6.30pm. However the smart alex refused to accept that decision so got jailed for that period!

I am of course a staunch Unionist but had no objection to them marching and the respectable group I was with on the pavement had passing amusing shouts to the nationalists and them back but their leader acting like he did against the police and the City Council (ran by his lot!) utterly stupid.  He organises an event and a time set then ignores the time as claimed needed giver folk coming a distance to get there! Apart from the banter between them passing us at the Square was mostly harmless and sometimes funny with both sides. Only irritation was an idiot carrying an Irish Republic flag but seeing us quickly lowered it.

So although I did not object in their right the idiocy of their leader is a groan and deserved jail.
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Re: Scottish Nationalist marching leader jailed
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