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Topic: Otter 0.9.01 (Read 16213 times)

  • jasonliul
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Otter 0.9.01
0.9.01 (01.06.2014):
- added application icon by Walerian Walawski;
- added error console;
- added support for additional attributes for bookmarks;
- added support for bookmark keyword;
- allow to load translations (18 languages available);
- allow to configure SSL ciphers priorities;
- allow to compile using Qt stack available in Ubuntu (outdated QtWebKit);
- various minor fixes and improvements.

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Fortuna fortes juvat.

  • jasonliul
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Re: Otter 0.9.01
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Thanks Emdek.
Fortuna fortes juvat.

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Re: Otter 0.9.01
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OpenSUSE released an OpenSSL update today. Is this the sort of update you are looking for?

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Re: Otter 0.9.01
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@ersi, the other way, I've seen announcement but without information about new release.
Anyway, it's important only for Windows (and is already updated for next weekly) as we ship these libraries only there, using system libraries on other platforms.
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