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Topic: Scot Govt: ‘Hate speech - In Homes - must be prosecuted’ (Read 245 times)

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Scot Govt: ‘Hate speech - In Homes - must be prosecuted’
Scot Govt: Hate speech ~ In Homes ~
'Must Be Prosecuted'


Scotland's Justice Minister says he intends to clamp down on hate speech inside the home under his sinister new hate crime Bill.

Free speech campaigners have warned that the Bill leaves out a crucial defence included in other UK hate crime legislation, which protects conversations in the home from police intervention.

However, Humza Yousaf is refusing to provide a "dwelling defence", insisting that 'hateful speech' in the home deserves to be criminalised.

Well-founded concern

The Minister made the comments earlier this week in response to questioning from the Justice Committee, which is tasked with scrutinising the legislation.

Lord Bracadale, the judge whose recommendations led to the Bill, later advised MSPs that they should think carefully about allowing a public order offence to extend into the private sphere.

The Committee's Convenor asked if the judge would say from his "experience of the operation of criminal law", that Parliament should "be alert to some danger in that".

Bracadale responded: "I think that your concern is well-founded".

Free speech threatened

Last month, the Scottish Government agreed to raise the threshold of the 'stirring up' offences from behaviour 'likely to stir up hatred' to behaviour 'intended to stir up hatred'.

The Christian Institute welcomed the Justice Secretary's willingness to compromise on one of the most controversial parts of the Bill, but warned that many more changes are still required.

This is what happens when there are no affirmed & protected Inalienable "Natural Rights" of the People respected by government.

"Natural Rights" bestowed on all human beings, not by any government, but by their Creator way before governments of man were ever imagined or contemplated by mere mortal beings.

All Speech, even Hate Speech, must be protected.....

Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful.....but, even the thoughts that we hate must be protected, otherwise the phrase "Freedom of Speech" becomes totally meaningless, & if speech of this sort is not permissible, Freedom & Liberty will surely follow.

To even suggest that expressions of thought within the privacy of one's's nothing short of tyrannical....totalitarian.....lest I say.....fascist!

What sez you?
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Re: Scot Govt: ‘Hate speech - In Homes - must be prosecuted’
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If freedom of speech becomes damaging, it must be fighted with... more freedom of speech... not less.

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Re: Scot Govt: ‘Hate speech - In Homes - must be prosecuted’
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The Scottish government minister who pushes it has been altering a bit as so much concern and annoyance at what is a real annoying attempt to interfere with the rights of people. Indeed it is not even needed.Police, senior legals and a wide view is it was a damnable idea.
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Re: Scot Govt: ‘Hate speech - In Homes - must be prosecuted’
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You don't see this as yet another example of Political Correctness run amok? :)
(Remember when Scotland tried to issue each child in the land a gov't monitor?)
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Re: Scot Govt: ‘Hate speech - In Homes - must be prosecuted’
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Not you are not quite right there. It was the ruling party that came up with thatnonsense.
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