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Topic: Islamist head shaking stuff (Read 176 times)

  • rjhowie
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Islamist head shaking stuff
Watched the leader of Turkey being aggressive and the Prime Minister of Pakistan and leaders from Lebanon. Iran and others getting angry and aggressive.  They are doing that in condemnation of France and it's President. But he never came out with destroying Muslim religious stuff but the Islamist militarism that DOES exist. France has had a terrible time of it. They ignore the French stance on Islam extremist violence and murdering. At no time did France say it would want to get rid of Muslims. There is an international attitude from Islam countries which is ignorant and ignore the hard fact that the vast majority of terror issues are from their religion. They come into democracies an cause hell.
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  • Colonel Rebel
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Re: Islamist head shaking stuff
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Muslims do not like it, but the fact of the matter is, their religion was founded by an illiterate pedophile. That such an entity is revered by billions of ppl is, to quote Howie, "head-shaking".

It's almost as strange as Scientology.

Not to mention Christianity with it's fascinating tales of a deity sacrificing itself ("Father") to itself ("Son") to forgive the mere humans it created for "sinning" against itself (Trinitarian Theory makes no sense.).

But in closing, I fully support America's oldest Ally when they print cartoons of the notorious pedophile. If they don't want to see it, no one is making them look at Charlie Hebdo. They can damn well bugger off with their attempted imposition of blasphemy laws in Europe and the rest of Western Europe.