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Topic: How to report bugs? (Read 1476 times)

  • Brom
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How to report bugs?

first thanks a lot that there are people who try create a browser similiar to Opera 12.x.

I downloaded the latest version 0.9.02 for Windows and found some bugs regarding bookmark import from Opera.

  • First and last entries are not alphabetically sorted like in Opera

  • Non-standard ASCII characters are not transformed correctly

Are the guidelines how to report a bug?

  • ersi
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Re: How to report bugs?
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Create an account at Github and open a new thread on the bug, if it is not there already

Bringing it up here is also sometimes sufficient :)

  • Wanderlei
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Re: How to report bugs?
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On Windows 7 x64, the 64bit version Otter 0.9.02 beta 2 installed from exe would not run, tried to start program via shortcut and running the exe directly. The 32bit version would works.

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Re: How to report bugs?
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@Wanderlei, could you please try with command line and check if there is any useful output?
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