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Topic: HTML5 support? (Read 1338 times)

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HTML5 support?
Hey Emdek, what great project you have here! Congrats.

One question, I hate flash due to its heavy resources usage. So I always go with html5.
With Otter I went on to and activated the html5 player.
Then I try to play a video and the player seems to load fine but it doesn't play the video. Is this bug or an issue with Otter? Or does Otter not support html5 at the moment?

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Re: HTML5 support?
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@zundapp, I'm investigating that currently, for sure it is Windows specific issue.
There are three possibilities:
1. bug or regression in QtWebKit (I'll check if it used to work with QT 5.2.1 or 4.8, using demobrowser from examples),
2. there is need to deploy some missing library,
3. it needs system wide codecs.

Third option would be the worst possible...
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