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Topic: Forum dot. Otter po polsku? (Read 1116 times)

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Forum dot. Otter po polsku?
Dzień dobry :)
Czy jest gdzieś forum dotyczące Ottera w j. polskim?
Otter ma wielu fanów wśród Polaków co łatwo sprawdzić. Część z tych fanów (jak ja) uczyło się w czasach gdy w szkołach uczono j.rosyjskiego jako obcego przydatnego.
Wiem o kanale IRC, nie jest wygodne miejsce dla internetowo umiarkowanych :)
Jakiś ruch?

Pozdrawiam fan :)

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Re: Forum dot. Otter po polsku?
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Welcome jam.
Translated via Google translate:-
good morning Is there a forum somewhere on the Otter in j. Polish? Otter has many fans among the Poles can check easily. Some of those fans (like me) taught at a time when schools taught as a foreign j.rosyjskiego useful. I know about the IRC channel, it is not a comfortable place for Internet-moderate A movement? Regards fan

If there is a Polish forum somewhere out there it's not an official one.  ;)  and no there isn't one as far as I know.
English is the preferred language on this forum though.
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Re: Forum dot. Otter po polsku?
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You can contact the developer in Polish by means of private messages in this forum. He speaks Polish on IRC too. You apparently don't like IRC, but IRC is exactly the place where you can easily meet many other Otter fans from Poland.