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Topic: Fluttering Clouds (Read 1113 times)

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Fluttering Clouds
I've got access to Microsoft Office 365 for business, so I figured I'd try that OneDrive thing today. Uploading a 365 MB file* is allegedly still going, even though it's been stuck at approximately 5% for over five hours now.** So much for my first and probably only experiment with the product. If you go American and closed-source, stick with Dropbox. It actually works.

* Not a joke! I compressed a 4 GB image and it ended up at 364.9 MB.
** Oddly enough, that's also not a joke. Admittedly it doesn't actually display a percentage but only a bar.

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Re: Fluttering Clouds
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The only things to be in the clouds are angels, not my data.
A matter of attitude.