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Topic: Otter Browser project website links (Read 1588 times)

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Otter Browser project website links
Hi fellow Opera / Otter - lovers   :happy:

I am really happy that there are developers out there who made a feature rich browser like Opera has been up to version 12.
This browser changed my whole internet experience and I hope Otter will bring back what the Opera team took away.
At this early stage it already works like a charm, and I am sure it will continue becoming better and better. Thank you very much for this great tool!

I thought it might be a good idea of posting the main website and download links in a single forum post. This way folks aren´t not just directed to this forum, but also the other way to the main page.

Otter Browser Homepage:

Otter Browser Downloads:

Otter Browser Forum:

Otter Browser Development Github:

If you wish to use Otter portable, without entries in the user folder but everything put into the application folder / stealth, just create a link to the .exe file with the --portable extension. Example: C:\Otter\otter-browser.exe --portable

P.S.: Admins please change the post as you like, make it sticky or delete if not wanted.

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Re: Otter Browser project website links
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Re: Otter Browser project website links
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Ah, right, our brand new Wikipedia article...
It still needs more work, any volunteers? ;-)
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Re: Otter Browser project website links
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