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Topic: Today's Bad News (Read 52188 times)

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Today's Bad News

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Re: Today's Bad News
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When pharma corps take doctors to promo seminars (with all-included meals, housing, and recreation) and the regulatory framework permits to incentivise treating every problem with drugs, then what did you expect?
Well... the best wealth system in the world.
A matter of attitude.

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Re: Today's Bad News
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Eli the Computer Guy - once upon a time a nice actual computer guy whose tutorials I used when I built my own first computer but these days he is just an irked commentator on news - mouths off about the travel authorisation system that the EU will slap at US citizens beginning 2021. I agree with him on the most important points: Yup, it is a visa in everything but name and it is stupid and EU sucks. "There's Europe for you."

However, he ignores that the US has been doing this exact same thing to EU citizens throughout the post-911 era, a "visa waiver program" involving an application to get authorised entry to the country. It is an actual visa procedure to get your visa waived, so to say. At first the procedure cost USD 5, now it is USD 14 I hear, but soon will be 20 I'm sure.

So from my point of view there are a bunch of more things that suck. US sucks because they did it first. EU sucks for having been so slow to catch up to the reality. And, truly, EU sucks for failure to have a civilising effect on US and to make them stop their idiocies. Instead we end up emulating them.